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Evaluation and Surveys

We are in the process of deciding what survey items we should use for a pre and post evaluation, in addition to using open ended questions and focus groups

Our current options include

  • The Spirituality and Health Status Survey (see below)
  • The Five Disciplines: A Spiritual Self Assessment (see below)

Spirituality and Health Status 

This survey of 169 member of three different churches was supported by the Niagara County Office for the Aging.  It was designed to assess the following factors in faith-based and other communities:

  • Health status (using a Center for Disease Control questions for physical and emotional health) Spiritual practices and well-being (show in red below)
  • Volunteerism
  • Behaviors associated with decreased hospitalization.
  • Use of four communication, stress management and prayer skills (i.e., awareness, affirmations, assertiveness, acceptance – which are taught as the “Satisfaction Skills”)

Our ongoing studies that have documented that emotional health is significantly affected by prayer and forgiveness (as illustrated below). That is , those who are able to forgive themselves and others, as well as those who often pray privately, have significantly fewer “bad emotional days” each month.

Our research has also found a strong association (R2 = 52 – using stepwise multiple regression) between spiritual wellness and the following factors:

  • Looking to God for guidance
  • Ability to forgive myself (acceptance)
  • Carrying religious beliefs into all areas of life
  • Praying privately
  • Telling thoughts and feelings to others (assertiveness)

Five Discipline survey – A Spiritual Self Assessment Used in Spirit Groups