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About Tom DeLoughry

Dr. Tom DeLoughry’s book,  Caregiver Stories and Stress Solutions  was honored by AARP’s Social Impact  Award as a simple mind-body-spirit program for seniors, adults and teens of any faith, or no faith.”   These true stories of his struggles and successes as his mother’s caregiver inspired a related workbook, Less Stress Better Health and More Love, as well as the Friendship Trilogy novels.

He writes with sensitivity about the issues that threaten three generations from his experience as: Director of drug abuse and adolescent services in Child Psychiatry at Buffalo Children’s Hospital; Corporate Director of Health Management at Independent Health, a large managed care organization; Director of the Center of Renewal, a Franciscan retreat center at Stella Niagara, NY;  coordinator of Sharing Your Wishes, an end-of-life planning program;  and chair of Older Adult Ministries for the Upper New York Conference of the United Methodist Church.

For nearly forty years he and his wife, Kathy, played in a music group similar to the Trilogy’s Friendship.  Like the spiritual explorers in the novel, they benefit from the teachings of both Eastern and Christian faiths.  Tom currently serves as a Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Buffalo.

Kathy DeLoughry, MS,   is an educator, yoga   teacher and stress management trainer  who helped develop and teach  the “Love Skills” at Buffalo Children’s Hospital, as well as its later evolution into the “Satisfaction Skills.”  She often co-presents programs on “Less Stress  , Better Health and More Love” and helped to develop and present their workshops on “Forgiving Yourself, Others and God.”

Tom served as an Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry as well as an Assistant Professor of  Public Health and Family Medicine at the State University of NY at Buffalo where he received his masters in Counseling and his doctorate (Ed.D) in Health Education and  Behavior.

He authored   the American Lung Association’s national program, Help Patients to Better Breathing  while serving as their   Western New York program coordinator.   He also  produced  a booklet and two videos on “Occupational Health for Students “ plus a  series on “Occupational Stress” that received a national award for excellence from the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses.      His   “Feeling Fit   at Work and School” and “Feeling Fit with Diabetes and Hypertension  ” series was honored  by the American Managed Care Review Association   for demonstrating that teens and adults could both benefit from the same program  materials  aimed at  the  treatment and prevention of chronic illness.

Tom  is the author of Spirituality and Eldercare, a chapter in a Templeton  Press textbook, Spiritual Dimensions of Nursing, edited by Harold Koenig and Verna Carson.   He also wrote  The Managed Care Guide for CBS HealthWatch  and Never Too Old To Be Well, a multi-media program  for the Niagara County Office for Aging  (booklet, flyers, video DVD, computer CD) that was designed for whole family, the whole organization and the whole community.

He is the  director  of Living Well and the Center for Health Management, a private consulting agency offering programs for the whole person, the whole organization and the whole community.

He can be reached by email at