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Prayer and the Satisfaction Skills

“We are not human beings having a spiritual exprience…   

We are spiritual  beings having a human experience.”  

If that statement by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin intirigues you, then please explore how the four Satisfaction Skills (i.e. awareness, appreciation, action, acceptance) can not just stop stress, but can ALSO serve as prayer skills to deepen your spirituality.

To demonstrate, below you find some excerpts  Unity’s Daily Word, which offers practical teachings about dozens of skills and topics for people of all faiths.These excerpts are used with permission of Unity®, publisher of Daily Word®

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I am in tune with and aware of my Divine Source

Whether I spend my day at home or traveling around town, I make it a personal goal to radiate my prayer energy into every moment. I can do so by remaining in tune with and aware of my Divine Source.

Whatever happens in the outer world, my awareness remains on the Christ Presence within. I bring my awareness gently and purposefully to that sacred place. I visualize myself opening the door to my divine connection and stepping within.

Excerpt used with permission of Unity®, publisher of Daily Word®

The Christ in me greets the Christ in you.

Through my true nature, the inner nature of the Christ, I bring confidence and assurance to all my endeavors. When I behold the Christ presence in every situation and person, I allow any uneasiness or antagonism to quickly dissipate, or even better, to never take place.

Christ awareness lends a positive tone to my thinking, appearance, attitude, and words.

Excerpt used with permission of Unity®, publisher of Daily Word®


I appreciate the good that surrounds me and the love and kindness always flowing to me

An appreciative person is usually an optimistic person because his mind is alert to behold good. This typifies a pureness of heart that Jesus said is always near to God.

Let us practice being appreciative, never failing to speak and to act in a manner that conveys our thanks and recognition of the kindness of others. Such an atitude of appreciation will attract greater love to us and increase our feeling of unity with others

Excerpt used with permission of Unity®, publisher of Daily Word®

I am thankful and appreciative.

Today I give someone the gift of appreciation.

SAYING thank you comes easily to some persons, not so easily to others. But it is always pleasant to have this spontaneous outpouring of gratitude for something we have done, some word of praise we have spoken.

We are never too hurried to speak a word of thanks. A wife, a husband, a parent, a child should never be so taken for granted that we neglect to express our appreciation toward them. We all know how we react to appreciation; we know how it makes us feel approved of and desirous of being more helpful. Let us let “Thank you” be our quick response to every good that appears.

Excerpt used with permission of Unity®, publisher of Daily Word®


With courage and faith, I act on the ideas that God gives me, and my life is transformed. 

OFTEN OUR way seems to be blocked only because we have not opened up the channels to our good by acting faithfully on the ideas that God gives us. We need to meditate carefully and thoughtfully on the realization that God works through us, through His ideas in our mind.

It is by acting courageously and faithfully on the rich and productive ideas that come to us as we pray, that abundance is attracted into our life. When we know that our ideas are right and good, we should also know that the whole power of God is working with us to bring forth our worthy desires.

Excerpt used with permission of Unity®, publisher of Daily Word®

As a creation of God’s love, I am making a difference in the world.

We are creations of God’s love in the world. As we give back in life from this understanding, we are expressing our oneness with God and with all creation.

Whether volunteering for one project or for a lifetime of service in helping others, we are making an important difference in the lives of people. Our communities, nations, and world are blessed by our contributions.

Excerpt used with permission of Unity®, publisher of Daily Word®


I accept myself as God accepts me: with love and understanding.

Perhaps there are things about myself that I would like to change; however, I know that change often begins with acceptance. It is much easier to make constructive changes with an accepting attitude than with a condemning one.

I am accepting of others. No matter how much I believe other people should change, it is up to them to decide what they think is best.

Being loved and accepted by others is important to me. Yet, I know it is important that I love and accept myself. If I make a mistake, I forgive myself, learn from it, and get on with my life.

Excerpt used with permission of Unity®, publisher of Daily Word®

I forgive, and I receive the power of forgiveness.

Sometimes we tend to think of forgiveness as an action related to submission or meekness. Forgiveness, however, is really a demonstration of strength and power. We call upon our courage to reach out and forgive someone who may have hurt us in some way, or even to forgive ourselves for some past mistake or happening.

It may not be easy to forgive, but as we do so, we draw upon our inner resources and in the process, renew and strengthen our own lives. The ability to forgive is a dynamic trait that demonstrates our unlimited power.

Excerpt used with permission of Unity®, publisher of Daily Word®