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The Workbook

What’s important to you?  …and your loved ones?   Here are some goals to consider from   page three of  Less Stress, Better Health and More Love.

Which do you think is more effective:

  • Learning by yourself?
  • Telling  someone:   “Here is  something that you should do?”
  • Or  starting a conversation with: “Here are some goals that are important to me.   Maybe some of them are important to you too?   How about if we  learn together, and support each other?

Especially if you are a caregiver or someone who needs care, I encourage you to choose the third option:  learn together and support each other!

The workbook gives you all the information you need to succeed.  But it It will be easier to  understand if you  use my true stories in   Caregiver Stories and Solutions  as a discussion starter.  Click below to review the first few pages: